The SPSA and its objectives


In order to design, attain and operate this training tool, pilots from 15 maritime pilotage stations pooled their interests through a professional syndicate called the “Pilots’ Syndicate for the Atlantic, Brittany and Overseas Simulator”. It has officially been named SPSA during the constitutive assembly of the 7th of December 2007. Its head office is located hangar 12, quai du Marquis de l’Aiguillon in Nantes. Main objectives :

  • To provide a pilot training tool in compliance with IMO resolution A.960 (International Maritime Organisation).
  • To ensure the exploitation of the simulator.

The SPSA board is managed by 5 pilots: a president, a vice-president secretary, a treasurer, an equipment representative and a staff representative.


Vincent LE GALL

Pilote de La Loire et des Sables d'Olonne


Pierre GLOOR
Vice président

Pilote de la Rochelle-Charente



Pilote de La Martinique


Yannick DAVID
Responsable du Matériel

Pilote de La Loire et des Sables d'Olonne


Responsable du Personnel

Pilote de Sète